Day 37 – Stressful yet full of laughs

Saturday, April 2nd 2016

Today was interesting. Woke up the best way possible; with a spider. It was 7:20 am and just when I opened my eyes, I saw a spider on my window sill. Luckily I wasn’t wearing my glasses and I was tired so I didn’t see it properly other than its colour, but it caught me off guard. I got my mom to kill it and then I tried to go back to sleep, but I couldn’t anymore. I basically woke up as I’d normally do for school, but twenty minutes later. I thought if I stayed in bed long enough I’d be able to… Nope. My cat had to come meowing into my room and jump on me and get right on my face. I ended up just going on Miimoto and YouTube for an hour until I went downstairs, watched more YouTube, ate and then got ready to leave for the superstore job fair and apply for a job.

Never have I been so nervous. Already I am nervous when meeting new people, because of my shyness, but having to be in a short interview? Sure it’s short, but I never did one! My heart pounded when my mom left the line before I turned in my resume. It went well, I sat with my dad until we waited to be called and my mom went to do some grocery shopping since we were there. After twenty minutes, my dad left to help my mom. I started getting nervous again, but managed to calm myself a minute before the employer came and that was only two minutes after my dad left. We sat, she asked questions such as is there a position I want in particular, did I enjoy working at my volunteer place, can I stand for long periods of time, can I lift heavy things and so on. It went very well, I hope I can have it for the summer. Although there were A LOT of people there to apply, one of them is a brother of my brother’s friend that lives just across the street. Chances are I won’t get it, but hey, it’s experience on applying. I also had to fill an online questionnaire when I got home.

Then we ate at home and left for my uncle’s house for my grandmother’s birthday. She brought her neighbour which is actually the dad of my brother’s friend, but is related to my mom and him too cause my parents are actually far cousins… It’s complicated.

My family kept asking me if I was cold, because I had my arms crossed. I wasn’t and I tried to convince them, but I didn’t want to say cause it’s how I keep myself comfortable when meeting new people, by putting pressure on my hands or arms. But I had nothing to worry about, cause he ended up being very funny and I felt comfortable pretty quick. He said a joke once about how my brother gets it hard, cause he recently dropped his phone and it cracked, then my grandmother stole his socks (they were playing footsies under the table and my grandmother took his socks. The fact that he’s 18 makes it much funnier) and then my mom made fun of how his room stinks because he ate shawarmas with onions and garlic with the door closed. My brother ended up laughing so hard that he was crying. I’m glad to see everyone laugh today. I haven’t seen them laugh that hard since we went on vacation and my uncle and the waiter were having a discussion about ice cream and I never understood what they were saying exactly, but the scene was funny anyway. And I don’t laugh enough. That’s why I watch Would I Lie To You? and random comedians on YouTube now. Laughing a lot more now, especially with Would I Lie To You? David Mitchell and Lee Mack are really funny together. I know I reccomended it in the past, but seriously, if you find the right episodes or clips on YouTube, it’s worth it.

I’m writing this while they talk about politics and the economy now. We had good discussions at first, but of course they had to go in the boring topics. It was bound to happen eventually. At least they kept it for the end when I was tired and I can listen to my music and type in peace. I don’t have internet at the moment, so I had only one game to play on my phone, cause my storage space is taken up by apps I don’t even use that are on the phone and can’t delete them. I have my journal app which I mostly use to write notes, cause I don’t really have proper notes on this phone (android) and I already have this site, then I have my dream journal, Twitter, YouTube, two games one being a Japanese and I wish I could play it cause it looks really cool, but it’s in Japanese… I actually have a lot more apps than I thought. I should delete I don’t use it anymore and I got Miitomo now. It’ll clear some space at least. I also kept myself occupied by texting my best friend, even though she lost her phone. Kinda just texted to myself, really.

Can’t wait until I get home to play Miimoto. It’s addicting. I only got it three days ago and it’s the only thing I do. I need more friends on it, only have three, two mutual Twitter friends and a third that I added after finding her online. She likes cats, I like cats, so why not? If she doesn’t seem like my type of person, I’ll just remove her. I’m sure she has lots more friends on the app.

That’s all for today.

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