Fly high baby boy

Devan Kade Burris

I miss you every second of everyday.. I don’t know how I managed to continue on living a life without you… I think maybe because you wouldn’t want me to give up just because yours ended so soon, I know your with me always.. I try and keep going for our almost 2 year old daughter and for you! My two Devan’s are my life, my everything, my reason to continue life.. I love you so much Devan Kade there isn’t a second that I’m wishing you was here to meet your daughter, to be in her life, to be get hero, to watch her grow into the lovely lady she will grow into someday.. she’s going to make us proud parents, continue guiding her from above! I miss you deevon :'( You were: 

My first true love , my best friend, my world, my daughter’s father I love you! 

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