How do I help him? Part 4 diagnosis

I never imagined 3years ago when Matthew was put into OT for sensory issues it would eventually lead us here. It has been a struggle to not reach out on social media to find other parents on the same journey. Somehow I have managed to resist that erge. I would love to say it’s because I don’t want personal things on FB or I’m careful with what I post.. no.. not bc of those things… it was because I felt ashamed. I felt ashamed because I felt/feel guilty for my son’s struggles. I didn’t want people to know he might be “different”.
Fast forward to yesterday. Several screening and evaluations we received a diagnosis. Matthew has dyselxia, dysgraphia, adhd, and an anxiety disorder. I know things could be MUCH worse, but let me just say… your child having ANY disorder, isn’t easy! It’s hard and it sucks! I know people say “well it could be worse” to try and comfort me, but it does the opposite. I’m not trying to be negative about things, and I’m fully agree things could be worse, but as same time… Matthew will always struggle. Will he still do great and be ok-of course he will… but he is going to have to work harder and smarter than he average kid.. which is OK, and Jamie and I are fully committed to doing all that we can to give him the tools he needs. but as a mom it hurts to know your child will have struggles. Ones that can’t be fixed with a ice cream and bandaid. Ones that he likely inherited from me. 

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