The Pilot Episode.

So today is like any other day, I get up, have breakfast (gotta love the boyfriends dad for making us a delicious breakfast each Sunday), and figure out what we’re going to do during the day. But this isn’t even about today… this is about yesterday. 

So Saturdays have been pretty much the same for the past month (I switched jobs back to my old job) where I work in Niagara Falls for the day until 5pm. Well I work for a family business that has 5 stores, and so most of the stores has a family member working at it. I work with one of the owners’ wives’ sisters two days a week. She is actually hilarious for the most part. Well I was sent on a task to go get the ‘top boss’ as I call him, which is the owners father who started the business before handing it down to his kids who now run it. He’s an elderly gentleman who just turned 73 yesterday so he wanted someone to pick him up and take him for a haircut before his birthday dinner. I don’t mind getting paid to go get him as it takes up part of the slow day, so I agreed and headed out towards the highway. No sooner do I get halfway down the highway when my windshield wiper blade on the DRIVERS SIDE flies off. I started freaking and pulled over because as I forgot to mention earlier… it was snowing out. April 2nd and it was snowing…. seriously? Anyways, I pulled over to the side of the road, put my 4ways on and called my boyfriend freaking out. With the amount of snow, slush and rain coming down I was in no shape to be really driving at all without a wiper blade. I didn’t even have a long sock or anything to put on the metal piece. Thankfully it didn’t rub against the window itself and scratch it but I had to use the passengers wiper to at least clear off the middle of the windshield. My boyfriend told me he would go get me a new one (he had my debit card or I would have gone myself) and meet me back at my store when I got there. Im so lucky to have him :). Anyways.. so I continue on my journey, pick up my boss and come back to the store. Not much longer afterwards does my boyfriend put the new wiper blade on, and brought me a tea cause he knew I was freaking out from driving in such conditions. About 30 mins after I had gone to get the boss it became sunny out, I was not a happy camper. 

Then after work, I was sitting in my car, catching up on texts, snaps, etc before leaving and going home. Well doesn’t one snap from my boyfriends little sister put me right over the edge. Its a LONG story, but my boyfriend had a girlfriend up until about october of last year who was a pain in the ass. I had known her since grade 10 and she used to think we were best friends when I never considered her that, but she was a very competitive person and very forward. She almost made you want to agree with her all the time to just keep her happy. So anyways, I received this snap of the boyfriends little sister with the ex girlfriend in the background all chummy at work together. The snap read “work selfies” with both of them smiling (they work at Sportcheck together). The reason it made me so angry was mainly the fact that it was sent to me when his little sister knows the whole story of what happened between the three of us, always bitched about the ex being psycho, and then decides to get a job at the same fucking store and are now close again after everything. I don’t get it. So I got home and my boyfriend asks me how Im doing and tells me his little sister has another new guy over (her ex broke up with her just after christmas, she’s 19 and for the last like 2 months has been on POF and hooks up with random dudes in her parents house that were all at for the time being). My response was “congratulations to her” and walked into our room. He follows and asks me whats wrong. I tell her about the photo and proceed to get heated again. He looks at me weird and asks why she would do that. I tell him “I don’t fucking know” and then apologize, its just that with everything that happened, this was not what I needed to see. I know they work together and that bothers me but Im not going to tell her to quit, she’s allowed to do what she wants and actually has a part time job finally. I then also tell him not to ask her or say anything, I just want to forget about it. He gives me a hug and kiss and goes to make me another tea to calm me down.

So that was the worst of yesterday… today is just little things here and there. Like this morning when we found out that the little sister actually had the random dude from yesterday sleep over. And boy were they fucking loud last night laughing, dropping things on the floor and being disrespectful that people elsewhere in the house would like to actually sleep. So it took me at least an hour to fall asleep. I figured the guy left late, but nope… here we are eating a delicious breakfast and they come downstairs into the main living room. He has to be one of the ugliest guys, and I know she could do A LOT better. He also smokes which to me is a huge turnoff. But regardless, this is definitely NOT the first time she has had guys sleep over. And the best part is that its a new guy every. fucking. time. Like not once has any of these guys been the same. Except for one…. the EX BOYFRIEND. Yes, thats right… he still comes over and stays the night. Sad part is I miss the ex boyfriend cause he’s actually awesome. He’s funny, he’s attractive, him and I used to send funny posts to each other via Facebook and Instagram, he was around for the last 2 years and was a good match for her and fit well in the family (Ive known the family for about 3 years in which Ive physically hung out with them…. I actually met them when I was dating their old neighbour when I was in grade 13, or OAC if you want to call it that which was 2007). So the weird guy left this morning when little sister did because she had to go to work. Then this evening as my boyfriend and I are sitting downstairs in our area of the house, we hear a familiar voice come in the house. Its the ex boyfriend! Surprise, surprise. I don’t know exactly why it bothers me so much, other than the fact that I find it slutty, childish and stupid that she’s doing this. I half hope the ex doesn’t know she’s doing what she is, but the other half kinda wants him to know cause I feel like he wouldn’t be coming around anymore, which in reality right now she doesn’t deserve to be back with him. I hope this ridiculous charade ends soon. 


Anyways, I feel like this is way more than enough for one post. I am going to surf some social media and hope not to come across anything stupid or I may be on here more than once a day to rant some more.

– D

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