This Crazy Life

    So sorry I haven’t been on here my Wifi decided to die and I had to go through hell and back to fix the darn connection. lately I have been filling up my free time with nursing school applications and last minuet wedding details. So far I have already gotten one of my bridal fittings done and found someone to do the cake. This month will be super busy!! I have family coming down for my wedding shower next weekend and I have to worry about the tiny details of the ceremony as well as get pictures taken and start pre-marriage counseling. We picked up my grooms wedding band and I have never seen him so excited. He wanted to wear it for a night but I assured him he would be able to wear it plenty after June 4th. It makes this entire process so much more special when I know that he is this excited to marry me. He truly seems excited every time I talk about wedding details, which is good considering that we just have nine short weeks before we say I do. As for my mom situation, she has yet to come around. I have come to the conclusion that whatever will be will be and everything will eventually work out…..

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