Where did it go?? I was just typing #49 furiously and poof! it went away.  Ugh!  Well I’ll just try to recreate the stream of consciousness drivel as it was…..Here we are at Monday again.  A cold and blustery April 4th in my neck of the woods. April 3rd was even worse and guess what – H and I ran a 1/2 marathon in the wintery slop.  Crazy. Us and up to 5000 other bird-brains who live in this part of the country. It was slow and cold – snow, wind, hail in our faces, slush and ice under foot. I ran the slowest 1/2 marathon of my life. Disappointed in that but I didn’t have any control over the weather conditions. I used to be more competitive. I used to get angry when certain people out paced me. Not as much any more. I do it more for me – for my physical, mental and spiritual health. I do it to set a good example for my kids.

As usual, I’ve done little work yet today. I do very little until after lunch. Which doesn’t leave a lot of time. I leave here by 3 PM. I like coming to work. It gives me a little more purpose. The people are good. The work itself…meh…..And that makes for one very easily distracted employee.

I’ve been doing some reading on IEP vs 504 plan for S. He’s going to middle school next year, and I’m afraid he’ll drown there if we don’t have some accommodations in place for him. I just wish the process was easier. Or I just wish we didn’t live in such a society that makes these things so difficult – on everyone.  The kids, the parents, the educators.  

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  1. Such determination! Running in that weather, gracious! I sure understand about being a distracted employee…that is always me but esp. with this job but hey it’s a paycheck!
    Hope you had a good week. Enjoy reading all your posts!

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