Sooo… as you can tell I might struggle with procrastination…just a little bit.  I also struggle with the fallacy of perfection.  So, if I feel I can’t give my all….I just don’t do it.  Why set myself up for ridicule or even worse failure?  Well, I’m back, trying… day by day…  They say if you do something twenty-one times in a row it will become habit.  So here we are back at day one.  This has been a long weekend and now I just crammed in homework, so you aren’t the only one suffering by this procrastination weekend hiatus I have been on.  Well, I did have fun Friday night, I went dancing with the girls…. as myself.  I did get caught in feeling like an outsider a few times but overall I think I coped well.  We caught a ride in a Maserati home and then sat in the hot tub.  I fell asleep for an hour or so on the couch. At 7 on Saturday I took my son to the airport for his first trip with my mother and they went to a professional sporting event in another state and then I rested all weekend.  Until today, when I realized that I had not done homework all week.  And, here I am with you.   I’m done for now but promise to be back tomorrow.

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