Bad weekend.

I do really really well on my diet five days out of the week then bring on the weekend and it’s like my whole weeks worth of work is thrown out the window. 

How do I keep myself from eating so awful. Even if it’s just a meal here or there. That’s like ten steps back for me. I’m stuck at 12 lbs down. Only another 50 to go. 

I do give myself props for making a conscious effort to get to the gym and jogged 1.5 miles. Planning on going more. I almost canceled my membership but every time I try I back out. Glad I didn’t. Just got to keep my head up and push on. Gotta prepare myself for my first ever 5K in July.

I think if I keep writing about my progress and journey I will be able to finally find myself and love myself. I will keep trying to be the best me I can be. 

2 thoughts on “Bad weekend.”

  1. keep envisioning your end goal to keep you motivated.
    Another word of advice to drop weight fast is to limit starches (pasta,bread,cereal)… and you’ll lose weight fast. Meal prep, keep healthy snacks by your side at all times. Goodluck 🙂

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