Die or live?

Why can’t I understand the solution? 

Why now the one whom I loved turned out to be this? 

Why there is no sign of improvemen?

I didn’t mean to hurt him!! Still he abused me so much? Why!

Is this the way to behave with a small sister?

Just because I am small? I got no right to say??

Somebody please come and kill me!!! I can’t bear such hatred now!  

I can’t study properly! I can’t do anything like this. 

He says he won’t do anything for us once he starts earning? 

How will mummy survive ??  how will I complete my studies if papa dies and no one for us? 

He won’t even hesitate to kill me! Finally I thought I was getting friends whom I can trust but now my brother hates me! 

Why he is so arrogant. Pretending to be with us and now telling don’t expect anything from me. 

Money is so important ??? Just for money he is here! 

He thinks nothing about us?

People can be so selfish, families can be so selfish? Then  why we are living together if you don’t care about us? 

Why money is more important ? 


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