I am so sleepy right now.. I just remembered to write an entry here.. it’s almost midnight here.. but I don’t want to sleep yet.. 

We still have to go to school tomorrow.. for clearance.. we haven’t finished it yet.. and I have to be early tomorrow.. I doubt myself if I could.. but i wish i could.. 

We were supposed to go back to school in the afternoon tpmorrow for the practice.. but i decided not to.. so i went with my mother and brother instead.. it was nice to go out with them.. with my brother.. coz we we’re not that close.. but we’re good.. 

My throat doesn’t feel well these past few days.. probably because of the heat and eating too much sweets.. but I’m doing good but I really do hope I won’t have colds.. 

so this is it for tonight.. sorry nothing much happened today.. but it was another happy day.. 

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