So the vet said…

Yesterday  I had to work all day. I sent The Man to Petco with a shopping list that rivals Santa’s naughty list. Wish I could have made the trip, but the store opened after I started my shift and closed before I’d get out.

When I got home the goods were waiting for me. I set up a third litter box. After reading that multi cat homes needed 1 box per every male cat, I realized we were one box shy. I plugged in the new diffuser (think of it as an air freshener for kitties. It’s suppose put out pheromones that encourage calmness). Then while the family was watching Star Wars – The Force Awakens, I scrubbed the floors with Natural’s Miracle Remover. It’s an over priced bottle of cleanser that’s suppose to break up the proteins in cat urine whilst leaving behind a nice, fresh scent.

I’ve done all I could do. Last night there was only one fight. Not perfect, but a huge improvement. So far no one has decided to urinate anywhere, but the appropriate spots.

This morning Snoochie came with me to the vet’s to get Toothless’s Fentanyl patch changed. I was caught off guard when the Vet came ask me “What have you been doing with her!?!”. Turns out Toothless has gained some much needed weight. A feat you don’t normally see in animals with cancer. On top of that her coat has improved as well.  

So the medication is helping Toothless feel better and she’s finally gaining weight. Her beautiful is shining again. Those were all the hopes I had for all along… weird that it’s happening when she’s been proclaimed terminal.

The thing is though, Toothless is not old by any standards. She’s a young cat. 5 years old at the very most. If we can stop the tumor from destroying her spine – she could live a long and happy life. So you see, I can’t give up on her. After her initial diagnosis I searched around to read about how other pet mom’s have handled this type of situation. Some lived by vet instructions only, some turned to second opinions, I turned towards my Pagan belief that nature gives us what we need.

Every night when I meditate I envision a white, healing light wrapping around the tumor on her spine. The white pushes it, forces it to get smaller and smaller. I’ve mentioned this before in another blog. I believe that one can use 3rd eye gifts for healing purposes. So this is making use of what I’ve got.

I also believe that your body is a temple. An optimum diet can really improve your health. I tweaked Toothless’s diet in an effort to boost her immune system and support healthy bones. So that’s that. I’m trying everything I can. I’ve nothing to lose.

It’s nice to hear something positive today. 

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