I wonder at myself…making these silly private thoughts public.  These musings that are public yet supposedly anonymous.  Why do we do this?  Why do I do it?  I assume for reassurance or in other terms validation. 

And that annoys me.  I believe in self-validation and mostly at my age I think I’m pretty good at it so why am I seeking it here?  I don’t know maybe we all have that need that is just the human need to understand and be understood.  Every day I think I’ll quit this site…and then I come back.  As much to read the posts of others as to write.  I often read such sadness and self-dislike and I just want to reach out and give everybody a virtual hug.  And I see the occasional ones with bad grammar and poor verbal skills and I think seriously?  Much like I think about Facebook posts.  And that is utterly unkind of me. This is not the place to judge.  And then so many folks write so lyrically and I’m downright jealous of those.  Lyrical I am not.  (Sigh) back to work folkies…I gotta go back to work!

3 thoughts on “Validation”

  1. Yup. Except I don’t want to stop writing and publicly publishing it.

    When I see the sad posts out there… makes me wanna try to help them.

  2. Yes Goddess I want to help the sad ones too but I don’t know them…any of you and I sure don’t want to give bad advice. This place is an interesting experience.
    Oh an Marathon mama thanks for the validation! LOL 😉

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