Lately I have been having troubles talking to my fiance about how I feel with getting our marriage license, I’m not wanting to or not ready anymore. Why? I can’t figure that part out. I don’t know if it’s because everything I felt is basically gone or if I only do love him because he’s the father of my child. When I try and talk to him in any way he gets this attitude that makes you not want to talk to them, or he just immediately gets defensive and starts a fight. So that made me want to talk to someone else who would care and that led to getting feelings for someone else because of what I’m lacking in this relationship. I have no idea what to do for my family, nor my self. Lately I can’t even keep the house spotless, I’m being a terrible stay at home mother. The only thing I’m doing fantastic with is taking care of my son and the pets. Do I need something new in my life? How do I get the motivation to do things because what ever I do I just can’t get out of this funk. Is my best friend of 5 years the one that I need? Or am I just distracted by him to the point I want nothing to do with the father of my child? Or is my thinking right that I just love him because he’s the father of my child? Because we didn’t even get a chance to get to know each other, 2 months into the relationship I got pregnant…I’m so lost and confused. I really need to figure my life out and it’s so hard when counselors keep telling you to just get on medication or just tell you that you don’t need to come back after 2 visits…

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  1. i am not a full adult yet. but i know how this feels because i have been the child in this situation i think you she listen to your heart think about your child you don’t want them to grow up to mommy and daddy fighting you should end it now before it goes too far. oh and one more thing a nanny or a close relative or friend could stay with you and help you around the house

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