Family bonding..

There is no room for sleepiness tonight.. this is another great day with my family.. 

We went out tonight.. we ate dinner.. my brother bought something and we went to quantum to play basketball.. we rarely bond as a complete family.. we were  making the most of every moment while my brother is still here.. coz maybe next month he will leave again.. 

We played basketball until the closing hour of the mall.. it was great.. I think my arms will hurt tomorrow but it’s worth it anyway so there is nothing to complain about.. I am the only one who perspires a lot inside a mall.. my shirt is wet and so does my hair.. we just got home.. I feel a bit sleepy but I have lots of energy.. 

Ohh.. I don’t feel like going to school tomorrow.. but I have to.. I can really feel the summer heat now! 

So anyways.. this is all of it for tonight.. 

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