Middle School Drama 1

Well as you can tell by the title of this entry I am in middle she and I got drama (No dip chloe) Anyway, so I am homosexual (no hate) and i get bullied a lot at school but I don’t really care. well i didn’t until last week one of my so called best friends came up to me and called me a faggot ( i hate that word) and i looked at her and started laughing because i thought she was joking. But then she crossed her arms and said you should go kill yourself nobody wants you here. and I ran away crying (i know I’m really sensitive) so a week went by and because i am an idiot i forgave her and she invited me to a sleepover party so I went and all my other so called friends were there and we were having fun but i was always left out of games. anyways when we were getting ion out sleeping bags she picked up my sleeping bag and put it in another room and i said why did you do that and she said so that you don’t try to rape us while we are sleeping and everyone agreed. And i already had a lot of stress on me and now i had anger and i had a panic attack and i smacked her right across the face and she screamed hurtful this about me. and i just ended up ¬†going to the room i was isolated in and cried myself to sleep i can’t tell my mom what happened because my mom really does not support gay rights.

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