Night and Night

    Tia was 14 the first time she had sex. His name was Jeff W%$#@&. Tia was the socially awkward shy freshman gothic girl who tended to get bullied a lot. There for Tia felt quit special when being asked out by her older brother’s friend Jeff. Jeff was tall, handsome, and a jock. Truth be told Tia did not really like anything about Jeff other then he was popular, threw the best parties and always had the best weed.  About two weeks after dating is when it happened. It was dark and some time in the middle of the night. Tia’s mother before going to bed stopped half way up the stairs to her room smiled and said “you kids have a good night.” and then went up to bed. Tia’s mother either trusted Tia way too much or just didn’t care. Tis was not sure what one it was nor did she put to much thought into it because Tia frankly didn’t care. Now the night was still and as she lay there on the ugly plaid couch held up by phone books and cinder blocks Tia was nervous and yet excited all at the same time and then it began. Jeff pulled out of his brown leather wallet a strawberry flavored condom and said “Wanna taste strawberries?” Tia’s exact response was, “Yep!”. Tia then got up and bravely lead Jeff down the hall into her bedroom where so stood up tall and took of all here her clothes. Tia admittedly liked the way Jeff watched her like he would eat her alive. Tia then walked a few steps to Jeff and took off his clothes as well. Tia lightly pushed Jeff of her bed and climbed on top. Tia carefully opened the wrapper and put the condom on Jeff. Before proceeding with events Tia pulled the partially full bottle of Arber Mist wine from under the pillow behind his head chugged the rest of the bottle and threw it on her bedroom floor once it was empty. Tia then had sex with Jeff. Staying on top the whole time. Tia has heard that the first time would hurt and be bloody. They were right it was but Tia liked it maybe even liked it a little too much. She even has an orgasm this very first time. After this night it became an every day event. Sometimes at her house sometimes at his, and other times in the park skipping school, at parties or other friends houses they would visit for late night movies, even once in the grave yard. But one thing was always the same Tia was always the one on top and Tia was always in control. Tia felt the power and the lust sweep through her every time and always loved it. A few weeks passed and Jeff broke up with Tia for another girl at there school. Tia wasn’t too upset about it though being that truthfully she was in a way always just using him as he was her. Tia started then getting picked on more and more at school getting “jungle bush” Well FUCK in all the sex Ed at school and what not no one had ever told her that you were apparently suppose to shave!!!!! How the hell was she suppose to know?! Not long after that Tia was doing her paper route with her brothers when they ran across him walking down the side walk. Tia ran and jumped on his back in attempt to kick his ass. Jeff simply just pushed her off. That is when her brothers then held him down while she kicked the shit out of him. Not long after that the nickname “jungle bush” had been forgotten and Tia returned to being the unnoticed shy goth girl that would get made fun of but no one ever really remembered her name and all was right with the world again. Tia never regretted any of it really and was so glad they always used protection!!!! After this Tia also did not have sex again for many years.  

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  1. Is this a real thing???? Or about you???? Or a social commentary??????

  2. This is a true story about me which is why I blocked out his last name. My name is also actually Tia (not short for anything just Tia). Ironically it is an acronym for “This is awkward” HAHAHA!!!!!!!!!!!!

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