Animal vs Human Act

I normally watch National Geography and Animal Planet channel in Television. Often, they do broadcast about natural ecological cycle of the animal kingdom. In the animal kingdom, I could observe powerful one always dominate inferior ones and carnivorous species do take away the life of other animals. What can I do? I can just sit and watch the injustice of impotent ones getting killed by other puissant ones. We can’t get rid of the ecological cycle because it is how our mother nature is for the animal kingdom. But when it comes to human mankind there is a vast difference. One particular difference between human kind and animal kingdom is that we know how to think and behave accordingly. But in this modern era most of the human beings are worst then animals as many of our brothers and sisters precious lives are taken away by their own brotherhood and sisterhood. For me if one is human being then she should know the repercussion for excruciating and execution of others sentient beings. I am sure that if somebody behave such unwholesome action then one’s mind will be filled with full of anxiety, ailment, agitation, anguish, sadness, perturbation & etc in one’s own life. Moreover, if somebody murder other sentient beings then one should think of how painful would be if he/she take away his/her own life. In that way, we should never harm others.

Hope and wish one day or other the peace on earth will prevail and flourish more than current one.

2 thoughts on “Animal vs Human Act”

  1. We humans are no more that domesticated animals in cages. We follow orders with out question. We take what our idles say and what we see on film and hear on the radio as truths never stopping to question why. It takes a great mind to break free of the control and quit conforming to a world that controls to conform for the worse. Humans crave power and this is how it is done. If there were more people who thought like you instead of just conforming then the ones who control would lose power. we are sheep allowing the masters of our time to lead us to our own slaughter. Forgive them for they know not what they do. Show others way to unconform from the ugly and what beauty lays beyond the cage.

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