I feel tired right now.. my legs hurt a bit.. and so does my arms.. tomorrow it will worsen for sure.. but that’s fine.. I will be..

So anyways.. I have told you here.. in one of my past journals that we will be performing our playground demonstration once again.. but.. sadly.. it was cancelled.. so we won’t be performing it anymore.. I was kind of happy.. Coz I won’t have to go to school anymore for the practice.. it was announced earlier.. so we will be receiving our cards on Friday.. which is good.. 

So since we didn’t have practice.. we went to the mall instead.. my throat doesn’t feel good.. but still I ate strawberry sundae.. stupid me.. i can barely speak.. but im fine.. 

A lot of things are going through in my mind right now.. some negative thoughts want to come in.. but I won’t let it come in to my mind.. coz it will only make me sad when I’ve been trying to be happy all day.. 

So this is it for tonight.. nothing interesting.. 


One thought on “Cancelled..”

  1. I hope your throat is better right away. I admire how you try to stay on the up-side.

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