Dont kiss me if youre scared of thunder I born in storm.

Aidil told me to stop looking for love and let love find me and ill have a perfect love.. 

basically theres a two type of girl in this world – the one who take their time to find someone and the one who fall in love with people as quick as a wink.. unfortunately im on the second one, i guess i cant stay single i always longing for love this was my problem in Philippines before, after breaking up around 2 to 3 weeks i will be in a relationship in one of any guys who comfort me, im not flirt or anything I just fall in love easily yes, thats the term. i fall in love easily but the good thing is all my bf stay for 1 and a half or sometimes 2 years i dont even know how it was possible when i only like them because i was sad.

this is my 3rd month of being single and i miss being in a relationship my previous relationship last for 2 years and even i miss being relationship im not thinking of coming back to my ex boyriend cause why???? God already remove him from my life 🙂 and nope! theres no turning back this is new life.

so yea i feel like i can deeply love a guy in minimum 5 days and thats so fuck up im trying not to cause thats weird but i cant its already in my body, my soul and my hearth. once you show interest to me and i like you, youre dead and youre mine. i know its kinda fuck up but i cant do anything about it, trust me its possible to love a person in less than a week im not rushing or anything. its just me.

soo guys if you dont have plan staying in my life please don’t. JUST FUCKING DONT!


2 thoughts on “Dont kiss me if youre scared of thunder I born in storm.”

  1. It is only natural to look for love. There is nothing wrong with the way that you are and completely normal. You are just one of the few that can admit it.

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