I was fired today…

So I was fired today.  For the first time.  Ever.  In over 20 years of working, I have never been fired from a job.  Until today.  The whole experience is embarrassing.  Having HR and the Director of our department standing there while I pack up my belongings.  The whole department standing up to see what was happening because no one could believe they would fire me. 

I’m a good employee.  I’ve been there 8 years.  Have had glowing reviews.  Received random raises for good performance.  And then I was put on the team from hell. 

My boss is not meant to be a boss at all.  She is a horrible manager.  I actually like her as a person, but not as my boss.  So for that I’m kind of glad I don’t have to work for her anymore. 

I fell behind in some projects.  Mostly because I was working on one and my boss would give me another and tell me to drop everything and work on this new project and then to drop that and work on something else new.  We sat down and made up a list of things she wanted me to complete.  I completed a bunch of them and was working on the last two today.   When I pointed this out I was told that my boss claims differently.  (I should mention that my boss didn’t even bother to show up to this meeting.  She had it done on a day she had requested off.  The last time she fired someone she was “conveniently” in another meeting at that time). 

I haven’t written in a journal for a long time but thought that this seemed like a good time to start one.  I’m certainly starting a new journey now.  I needed this kick in the ass to force me to move on to something better, and less stressful.  Silver Linings seems like a good name since that’s what I’m looking for right now.  Anything good to come will by my silver lining and anything bad that comes my way will just be another opportunity to look for more silver linings. 

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  1. You didn’t stand a chance. Narcissists everywhere sadly and you can’t beat them!

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