In the room

Inside of Deedee’s room, Toothless lurks. She mostly hides in her cube bed, but when I enter the room to visit with her, she chirps. It’s been months since I’ve been graced with her affectionate chirrups, but it’s music to my ears. 

I sit on the floor criss cross and reach my hands toward her. She rubs against me, smooth silken fur against my skin. With eyes that hold the moon within she looks up me. I talk to her and she purrs. She won’t come out and get up on my lap. I know she can move, but these days she prefers her cube. I could sit there for hours just petting her.

Jake and Andy cry at the door. They want to enter the forbidden room. They don’t understand Toothless is sick and I think they miss her. Equally they are curious as to why they no longer have access to the girl’s room. So while I stroke and pet Toothless, we hear relentless cries and scratching at the door.

In the back of my head I realize time is my enemy. We don’t have much time left. Toothless’s time isn’t enough. She deserves more. In truth, I believe in reincarnation. I believe after her death, she will be reborn. She’ll have no memory of the pain that once wracked her body, but that also means she won’t remember me. Maybe she’ll come back as one of the birds she use to love to watch. Who knows? Maybe even a bat, that’s what her silly face reminds me of.

I got to see my kitten today. Tyrion is 6 weeks old. 2 more weeks to go. 


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