Scott Joplin

    Scott Joplin has always been one of my favorite artist. Oh how his sound is unique! so guess what I learned this week? I learned how to play his most famous song “The Entertainer”!!! This song fills me with warmth. Normally it only takes me a day to learn a song, but Scott Joplin!? Man rag time is hard!!!!! I maen Jesus Really damn complex what a genius!!!!!!

2 thoughts on “Scott Joplin”

  1. The Entertainer is so delightful and very difficult to play! I worked out a by-hear version so I could play it on the piano. I love the ragtime!!

  2. Me too! in high school we had to wright an SA on an afreican American music artist we thought was inspirational. Every one in my class did rappers like Tupac and Dog… I did Scott Joplin. HAHAHA no one knew who I was talking about. But hey I got an A!!!!

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