So stressed… In need of a advice

I’m so exhausted and stressed these days: I’ve got a lot to study for school and I don’t have time for it, and sometimes even if I study so hard, I still get a not so good grade. I’m stressed with the problems that I can’t solve.

My social life is awesome, I’ve been to super cool parties every Saturday, and it was exactly what I wished last year : been invented to cool parties, but now that I’m, I see that it is NOTHING! Real life is much more than that, and my real life sucks right now.

I mean, last Saturday I had a really great time, I went to a party and I danced and even drank a little, and it made me forget about my problems for a little, but now I still have them and idk what to do to solve it! I may even be mad with God, because I pray and pray and pray for things to get better but it just doesnt! 

Im so tired of this reality! I try to attract good things in my life but it’s not working! Is it worth to be mad with God? Why should I keeping praying if things just get worse? 

One thought on “So stressed… In need of a advice”

  1. I understand how you feel; sometimes you just keep wishing and wishing and wishing for your life to turn around and become better, and it doesn’t, it just seems to get worse. But trust me, sometimes things don’t just turn 180 degrees and automatically become good–you just have to wait, and work hard, and be patient, and soon, you’ll realize that all of the old stuff has passed, and the skies are clear again. I hope you can get through everything you have to get through. And here’s my email if you ever want to talk:

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