Of course living in this world is much easier if you own good looks and popularity. But I don’t, and I’ll have to deal with it, and make the best of everything I’ve got. I will never be perfect, but as long as I’m perfect or good enough in someone’s eyes – whether it’s my own or someone else’s – it’s okay. With the needed help I’ll get through this.

At this moment it’s just very hard to let people back in again. I’ve closed myself off for my loved ones entirely, and opened my heart to the ‘bad guys’. I need to change that. I need to find myself again, and then let the people I love back into my life – and my heart. And the people that ever said shit about me, are trash.

One thought on “Society.”

  1. Its is the deepest human desire to feel important as Dale Carnegie has said. I do believe this. It makes sense. Well you are important just so you know. I think it is time for you to find something that makes you feel important and appertained. Is there any place around where you live where you can volunteer? perhaps a soup kitchen or a shelter. If you like animals the humane society is always willing to take weekend and after school volunteers. Maybe you can go to your principle and ask him if there is anything you can do for your school? There are also always nursing homes too. As a teen I worked as a house keeper in a nursing home. Being with the residents I felt so happy needed and wanted when I quit I still came every Sunday for years and to this day I still call bingo and hang out there from time to time. It seems you like to write. Have you looked into having anything published in your school or local paper? You could talk to some one at your school about starting a group about something that you are passionate about as well. Maybe you could see if there is any way you could have a school meeting in the gym about bullying. Have other students come forward and let your voices be heard. Hell start a breakfast club where you read journals and poems.

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