Spring Break

My grandsons are out of school this week, but their Mom is in a different district and has to work.  So we have the boys every afternoon and all day Friday.  It is hard to think of things for them to do.  Both autistic, ages 13 and 14.  One day we went to the park and flew a kite.  That was great fun for everybody. Today is colder, we may stay indoors.  I don’t know yet.  Prayers appreciated.

2 thoughts on “Spring Break”

  1. Lots of prayers your way. Both are autistic? That has to be really tough to handle. I’m sure it’ll go well!!!

  2. Thank you, dear. Today is Thursday, so we’re over halfway. Other than 2 meltdowns we’ve had a wonderful time, at the park, flying kites, eating donut holes…..it’s been good! Please keep praying through Friday at 4:30. Thank you SO much!

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