S*!t.. Just meaningless s*!t today

It’s like they can sense it when you’re at your most vulnerable.

The way vultures circle around a defenseless animal on the verge of death. They wait for you to finally be their prey.

The way crows will follow the weak for days and as soon as they get the chance to strike, doom swarms you and picks at your dying flesh.

It’s like a sixth sense for them, to be able to pluck you out at just the right moment. They get a rush out of being able to easily swoop in and take advantage. You make it too easy though.


You let those raging emotions flare up and out at any moment, uncontrollable, for all to see. You seem way too happy for what may have just happened, nobody can pretend that well, and they know. Trying way too hard to preoccupy yourself because you need the distraction. Pushing and forcing yourself to limits you didn’t even know existed inside. Doing old things that gave you a rush, trying new ones. You make the pain or suffering too obvious, and it makes it way too easy.

So don’t let them see. Carry on like nothing happened. Don’t make it so easy to be the victim. Remember, they can sense it when you’re at your most vulnerable.

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