Welcome to our first journal together, for just a brief introduction. This is a completely anonymous blog between Ollie, and Katelyn. We are two adults from the midwest. Ollie is a 31 year old photographer, and Katelyn is a 29 year old, blogger, and product reviewer. We have a beautiful little 3 month old named Eden, and were given the shocker a few weeks ago that we are expecting our second little bean.

This journal is going to be semi-personal, and may be a little more baby oriented than we would anticipate. This is just our little place to talk, and unwind.


How far along?: 9 weeks and 4 days
Due date: November 6
Weight Gain: Like a pound or two.
Maternity clothes?: Haven’t stopped wearing them from the first pregnancy
Best moment this week: Ollie’s family found out about this baby and didn’t freak out or throw a hissy-fit, like we were afraid of happening. That’s a miracle.
Movement: None yet, we’re not ready for that for at least 5 more weeks
Food cravings: Anything chocolatey.
Symptoms: Morning sickness, and tiredness.
What I miss: Having time to myself.
What I am looking forward to: The doctors appointment Friday.
Milestones: Our daughter, Eden is babbling a lot.
Days until next doc appointment?: 3 days
Sleep: Some, a 3 month old baby, and being pregnant make sleep difficult.
Stretch marks?: Still have them from the last pregnancy
Pregnancy Perk: Eating something ‘naughty’ for breakfast and not getting yelled at because I’m pregnant.
Embarrassing Pregnant Moment: None so far yet.
Baby Purchases this week: Big sissy got some onesies and a toy.
Gender:  Not sure yet
How’s Mama? Dead tired. Building a baby, feeding a baby and doing domestic duties, make mama’s nap time so worth it.
How’s Daddy? Scared
How’s Baby? Little one is great, can’t pick anything up on Doplar yet, but we’re sure that this one is doing great.
Labour signs? There are none yet. We hope there aren’t any for  long time
Our Baby in Veggie/Fruit Terms: An olive.

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