4 7 16 first entry

I guess this is more about yesterday than today…or about both.  Yesterday was just so hard for me.  I didn’t do any OT and I came in late, took two hours of benefit leave…got to stop that!  I was just so damn tired! I need the $$$ from the OT.  Again today I did not arrive till 8:30…I am going to work two or three over tonight anyhow…I just have to.  Anyhow here I am rambling on in my ADD fashion…yesterday…yesterday was a super rough day for me.  And I have no idea why.  I just know I was super tired and super sad.  And it’s like chicken or egg…I’m sadder when I’m more tired for sure.  But am I so fatigued because I’m so sad or is the sadness intensified by the fatigue? Oh who knows and who cares who really?  It just is.

BF was super sweet when I got home…asked me if I was okay and I said yeah I was just sad.  He took me to dinner at Parky’s and he seemed to really listen to me as I talked yet again about my grief and sorrow.  (Seriously I’m a broken record and I don’t like being this way).  Went home and watched law and order reruns.  I had to chuckle told him I was constantly surrounded by homicide (hell no wonder I’m depressed!)  Anyhow got 4 granny squares done and went in to toss and turn for an hour or so before falling asleep.  Ah blessed sleep; how I love to sleep!

And here I am at work hours later than I wanted to be.  Heard I song on KLove that I love so much it always brings it home and makes me feel better…Blessed be the Name of the Lord.

Well I got PSA statements…I gotta roll.  Indeed no matter what BLESSED BE HIS HOLY NAME!  Peace friends.

5 thoughts on “4 7 16 first entry”

  1. Thank you sweet tea! I am sorry that you are tired and sad, yet I am glad that we are not alone! 😉

  2. Some how it will all be okay. I don’t know how right now but I am working on it.

  3. Words taken from my own mind recently. All we can do is move forward I suppose.

  4. Indeed Savage, one foot in front of the other, one day at a time. Have a good weekend!

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