I don’t get angry, never have. I have even had said to me many times in my life “You need to get angry get pissed and use it as power” and things like that. I just do not get angry. Anger has never made any sense to me. Anger is a secondary emotion. Anger is a farce a cover up so why use it at all? I have just never seen the point. I have tried to be angry at times but it never really happens. I don’t think I even have it in me at all to get angry. Anger is a Band-Aid for when one is unaccepting of there real underline emotions  and resolves nothing at all. I am not saying I do not have feelings because I do. I feel lots of things all the time just like everyone else. I feel sad, happy, joy, sorrow, pain, grief, compassion, hurt, warmth, bitter, brave, and so much more, but anger I do not feel anger. I don’t think this is so bad either. I don’t want to be angry. Anger is a choice and I choose not to be angry. it is as simple as that. Another thing I feel at times is frustration and annoyed especially when I am told by others that I should get angry and they act as if I am not strong because I don’t get angry. Choosing not to be angry does not make me weak. It is a wise way to live. It makes me stronger because I am able to deal with how I really feel and not cover it up with anger. Anger is only a farce. I don’t think it is bad that others do need to at times be angry to help them when they can not cope with there first emotion. There is nothing wrong with that either we are only human after but that does not mean I have to be the same. I don’t get angry and there is nothing wrong with that.

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