Dreams: Enough Love

I had been praying for the Lord to reveal things to me for quite some time. I asked for dreams, prophecies, etc. Why not? I wanted Him to communicate with me any way that He would. I didn’t want to be limited to one mode of communication.

 I received some messages and revelations about the “Edomites” in my first set of dreams. I don’t care to share them at this time. I’ll just say that I learned a great deal about the  intentions and purposes of that peoples.

Last night’s dream was different. I was at my mother’s house in the dream, and she was ill. I didn’t know what the illness was, but I wanted to do something to make her feel better. We talked about music and decided I would go out and purchase a song for her called “God Has Enough Love.”  The dream  ended after that.

I gathered that the message was that God has enough love. God has enough love to heal the sick. God has enough love destroy the works of evil spirits. God has enough love to open the eyes of the blind. God has enough love to impart forgiveness into the hearts of unforgiving people. God has enough love to teach us how to love.

People use music frequently in the Bible as a means of praise. King David played music to relieve King Saul of evil spirit vexation, as well. I’ve been pondering the dream from various angles.






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