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Namaste, I decided that I’d write out intro, incase my husband decides that he wants to direct his Live Journal friends to this page. I didn’t want to be that person that’s writing and they’re scratching their heads, and they know not much about me .

The basics: My name is Katelyn, though my husband decided to hand me the nickname of Lynnie. I am your typical nerdy-wallflower. To the point I even have the allergies and asthma to show it.

I’m the wife of Ollie, and the mother of Eden.  We are expecting our second child (more than likely our last for a long time to come), in November.

What I do: I am an influencer, and an amateur writer. Long story short what that means is, I talk to companies, push them in the direction they need about their products. The writer part interlinks both a hobby and my ‘career’ together. I’m able to inform consumers, and their companies with how I write. But I’m also able to write, and get compensated for it.

Quite frankly, I’ve dreamed that I’d have something published book-wise.  I’m still hoping those dreams come to fruition, but remaining level headed about the outcome. It’s the real reason why I blog, and help companies. While they aren’t where I want to be, they do prep me for the road ahead. Writing to me, in a sense is just that, writing, it all needs to flow some where. Even though my flow may be up currant, when I want it to go down stream.

What I like to do:  When I’m not giving people my random opinions on things, being a mom or writing I love to loom knit, spend time with my family and friends, and I love to read. Reading is something my husband and I like doing together. We love to have reading contests (well use to not so much anymore) to see who can read the most books in a month.

I also have an obsession with MOOCing which is online learning, but not in a school type of environment. I love to do at least a subject or two a month to give myself some extra knowledge, just in case maybe I could use it for a book, or a review. Learning is a the reason why we’re alive correct? To learn and experience new things?

What I like: I’m your nerdy dork girl. I love The Nightmare Before Chistmas, The Legend of Zelda, and Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles. I also have have a teeny (bigger on the inside) love for Dr. Who. 

But when I’m not your nerd girl I do have a some what darker side. No not all Star Wars like either. Okay maybe a little. I’m into the morbid side of life, skulls, skeletons, freaks of nature.  I even love cryptozoology and the paranormal. My old iPhone has Fuzzy White’s EVP/EMF reader, and I have ghost hunted in the past. But right now my latest love has been accidental dream invasions/lucid dreaming.

What I dislike: I dislike judgemental people. I’ve learned that in life people all different, religious, socioeconomic differences, skin color, genders (or lack there of), and our likes or dislikes are what makes us who we are. People who shame people for their differences, doesn’t stick well with me. This is the only thing I really dislike. 

I think I’ve covered my bases. Gave the basics. People are always free to ask questions.

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