Juggling Two Journals Because Why Not?

I tried deleting my other journal – I couldn’t do it. 

There are some entries on that site that I just don’t want to get rid of because the emotion I felt in the particular moment were so real and authentic and I’m normally a “emotional perfectionist”. It’s nice to keep those posts up just to go over and read through what I’ve been through, how I’ve improved and what I can improve on. I honestly don’t know what I’m going to do with both journals now, haha. Maybe I’ll post in one during the day and the other at 12:00a.m. since I’m making a habit of going to sleep late before school now. As for what will be in both journals – I don’t know. One will probably consist of my poetic and deep thoughts, while the other will consist of my me talking about my present and past (since I can never seem I let things go). I’ll figure out in the morning. Right now I can hardly think –

Goodnight Journal. 

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