Just tired

Nothing is happening in my life these days.. I try my best to study much. I’m not fed up with it. I’m bored with the people around me. But lets not talk about them now. 

I’ll tell you what would make me happy now…. 

Imagine that i ‘m in a field in tent and there is a giant sky above me full of stars.. Ah i would steal all of them the world, but how could i ?… 

Being with someone who is sincere ….how rare this feeling became recently…

but who cares….

and i’m not either.. 

The only thing that crosses my mind are my exams….exams….which scare me…i believe i can make it but idk how will i be able..

lets just work.. More working, less thinking…

i’m gonna sleep now. I’m so tired..

wish you good night all !! 

One thought on “Just tired”

  1. It would be nice to be free like that place you described… maybe go on a camping trip after the exams?

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