Life at WN #1 – 4/06/2016

Hello. Welcome to the beginning of a series of entries. I’m Not Cold, Chat Moderator at Warrior Navy (or WN). I just thought I’d write about my experiences being a moderator just as context for what it’s like. Perhaps you too want to be a moderator! Or perhaps you have some other motivations. I don’t mind.

Little bit of backstory about myself: I’m 18 and graduating high school extremely soon. I’m a pretty good student, I think. I’m getting full scholarships to all the universities I applied to. I’m hoping to major in Computer Science, but I am still unsure about my future. I love playing video games and talking to people. I’ve always had a solid grasp of the English language and socializing with people. I own a cat, named Meow, and I live in the US. 

Anyhow, back to WN. I wanted to be a chat moderator because I wanted to do something besides only playing video games when on Steam. I play quite a bit of TF2 and Saints Row and other things, but I wanted to give back to the community. Though I am in charge of chat room giveaways and moderation, I haven’t done much. I’ve only helped run one giveaway and most of the time I monitor threads and the comments section (you know that thing at the bottom of our page) and delete comments that go against our rules. It’s a monotonous job, but someone’s gotta do it.

Chat rooms are usually dead with perhaps one or two people, four at most. It’s almost a waste of time to check it out because there are so few. I almost wish we had more people chatting amongst each other so I could do some moderation, AKA my job. But, in the meantime, I can do the general cleanup. I don’t mind it.

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