Life at WN #2 – 4/07/2016

I don’t relish the thought of banning people. I see the same people spam the chat and comments, and I simply delete them. Are they people? Are they bots? I don’t know. It’s not about the number of people and maintaining that. It’s not a concern to me how many people are in WN. I just like doing what I do. I’d probably only ban someone if they were harassing another user through WN or the like. I try to be relaxed. Fortunately, I’ve never seen any drama, so life’s been easy so far.

On a personal note, I just paid the admission’s fee to go to UMass Boston. So I guess I’m a student there now. One of the main concerns about going there is finding a place to stay, due to no on-campus housing. So I’m on my own, in that sense. I think I’ll be fine though, the admission’s office said that it’s been done before, and people will keep on doing it for a while. That’s reassuring.

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