4-7-16 – Went to get blood work yesterday and got call that my potassium is low AGAIN. I have to take those nasty pills until Friday when the pharmacy will get in my liquid medicine. Had doctor appointment with my regular doctor today. Just wanted to make sure that nothing else is going on in case I get another case of monkey butt after this round of chemo. I used almost the entire tube of A&D cream. I’m still sore and got a script for a cortizone cream that I am supposed to mix with Desitin. Also wanted my blood pressure meds checked. Blood pressure is good. Other than that, stuff is alright. Getting prepped mentally for this coming week’s round of chemo. It will be interesting to see if things go the same way. Chemo Wednesday, shot Thursday, start to feel tired Friday and by Saturday I’m done, then take time off work along with my regular days off for a total of probably 5 days. I wonder if they will do the check after this round. They said they would at the start of this. Doctor today said it would be another PET CT scan. That is the one that they get the special stuff from Pittsburgh and they need to make certain that you will be there because it has a limited shelf life. I wonder if they will be able to use my port to administer it.  Medical bills have been coming in.  That can be more of a nightmare than what I’m going through.  I hate talking to that insurance company as they don’t seem to like to explain things too much to those non-knowledgeable people like me.  How would I rate them in that regard ZERO well maybe a ONE only because they do talk.

RIP Aunt Norma. I can’t explain the whys of things. I can only apologize for the way some people behaved. Yes I am ashamed of their behavior. At least you knew that I had no knowledge of anything. I wish I would have found you sooner and we could have had a real aunt/niece relationship. Much love to you.

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  1. I’m sorry to hear of your aunt . Glad you are hanging in there okay and that Monkey Butt is better for now. I been checking for your updates. Prayers.

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