POETRY20:”UNINSPIRED (The Lost Poetic Moments)”

I’m looking for the (lost?) poetic moments
They’re usually around and easy to find,
but now I can’t even find one
Where have they all gone?

Where are those poetic moments that I always long for?
Will there be no more?
Will they return through the same open door?
I’m waiting, on the verge of being bored

I’m still sitting here, waiting for my lost poetic moments
Oh, when will they return?
I could attempt at creating one
but right now, everything feels like coming undone

Perhaps my brain just needs a break
There’s only so much that this heart can take
I need to do something else, once again for my sake
Perhaps those lost poetic moments will return, because I can’t make up for what is fake



(Jakarta, 5/4/2016 – 2:30 pm)

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