Recovery means your all in, not halfway, but all.

 Today I realized something. And I’m not sure what I can do with this realization to better myself as a person. I’m not entirely 100% for recovery, although I feel as if I’ve been making myself believe that for some time. It’s actually quite unsettling. Because I have a lot at stake. If I don’t put my all into my recovery, I will be sitting in prison. No doubt about that. 

So now, I sit here wondering what I can do to fully “want” recovery.. to fully put my all into recovery. To make recovery my life.

The consequences of my using suck. Yes, no doubt. But that’s about all I can’t handle with my drug use.

3 thoughts on “Recovery means your all in, not halfway, but all.”

  1. The high, the euphoria you feel when you are on drugs is an illusion. It’s false emotion. The consequences of it however, are quite catastrophic.

    If you want recovery teach yourself to hate your drug of choice. It will turn you into a zombie who commits hideous, selfish acts that ruin the lives of those you once loved. You will lose your money, your family, your freedom, and worst case scenario – your life.

  2. What makes you not want to recover? What parts of the old life do you want back?

  3. I can’t begin to explain how similarly I feel. I was recently released. And battle daily with my addiction… I just felt the need to say that I truly understand and feel you.

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