Tomorrow, I will take my ACT exam. I’m so excited! I did really well on all of the practice tests. 

The reason why I am taking this exam is so that I will be able to take college classes along with my high school classes. The college class that I really want to take is Japanese. 

Another thing that I want to do (this summer), is learn to drive. But, I’m really scared to drive because I have pretty bad anxiety and I am easily overwhelmed. What if I have a panic attack while driving, stop and plug up traffic? Then everyone will be angry because of me… 🙁 But, I don’t want to have to ride the bus or be driven around by others all the time… I have to grow up and become (somewhat) independent.

My mom says that she will help me learn to drive. I’m really excited. I love my mom. c:

When I grow up and have the money, I want to buy a pastel pink Volkswagen beetle. I think  that it will look so cute and I will decorate the interior with cute stuffed animals to keep me company while driving.


P.S- I finished all of my assignments and I’m feeling much better. c:

2 thoughts on “4・8・2016”

  1. Everyone messes up while learning to drive, but normally nothing bad happens. If something does that’s what insurance is for. Just drive slow and you’ll be fine 🙂

  2. Good luck on your ACT!!!! I’m sure you’ll do really well!

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