Alone with my thoughts

Imagine if you knew what you needed to do in life. If you could predict where life took you and the outcome of each choice, would it be great or terrible. Here I am again, alone on the bus heading to college a little later than usual. All this time where I am alone makes me think. Like if I was in a shower thinking about what I did wrong and what I did right. Feels silly thinking about my plans in high school when i thought i had control of my life. No, im not sad. Im just deep in thought. Would my life be different if i never met the girl I love? Would I be better off not caring about others? I remember back then when i thought being nice was all i need to make it. I never understood the concept of doing things on my own, only helping others become.the best they could be. Its strange how the world works. Life loves to kick you down and pick you back up again. Its whether you look on how it picks you up or kicks you down which decides if your optimistic or pessimistic. Oh, looks like this is my bus stop, if you’re reading this. Have a nice day. No, make it an even better day than yesterday. 

2 thoughts on “Alone with my thoughts”

  1. Everything ends up as random probability, nothing is ever really planned

  2. We just gotta make the best outta the worst we are handed.

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