Catch a case

Amazing…seriously these people are amazing.  Detective asks why he had been to prison…he had “caught a robbery case” love how these guys catch cases, as though they are unavoidable like viruses.

Cop says don’t be scared I’m not looking to hem you up in anyway…really then why is the dude in handcuffs?  Just saying.

And other stories about other crazy criminals who think their sentences are unfair..I mean he only deals meth part time to support his habit, not like he’s actually a dealer, so who should he do prison time.  And on, and on it goes.  

So sick of crime…criminal justice. So tired of it…it stresses me.  I work for cops all week even some over time.  Then on the weekend and used to the occasional evening work part time for a criminal defense attorney in another county.   Guess it just gets in your blood.   I mean and then it’s crazy but I go home and half the time we have ID channel on!  Enough.  Today I’m over it.  I want a hot shower, a long nap. Well I guess since I won’t get home till 8:30 or so I’ll settle for a little late Mexican food and a Margarita.  Cheers!


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