Day 43 – Finally, an eventful day!

Friday, April 8th 2016

Come on, snow. It’s April! I love you, but I want it to be warm now. I want to ride my bike.

Anyway, today was eventful. Didn’t participate, but it was. At our school we had “C’est fou!” which translates to “It’s crazy!” in English. It’s basically a day that happens now and then throughout the year (I think it happens more than once, not sure) where there are activities all throughout the day and you have to wear green or white (francophone flag) depending on your grade. For tenth graders, we had to wear white, so I wore my Doctor Who TARDIS shirt.

Almost forgot to add : Kohai gave me the cutest thing ever before class. It’s a bracelet made of elastics of a mystical flower and the green stem is what wraps around your wrist. It’s all sparkly too and it’s beautiful. I absolutely love it.

Day 2

1st Period (09:10-10:25)
Visual Arts
We worked on our emblem some more. This time I’m working on the final product. Our teacher is giving us time Tuesday (Monday is a new day off that they recently added, yay for us, but bad for teachers), but I still won’t be able to finish on time. I can work on it during the weekend, but I still need paint.

First activity for C’est fou! : We had our usual bingo, where at the intercom they named different people and you hand to score a bingo on your paper. First time was a line, second time was an “X”. We didn’t win. We also counted the number of colours we were wearing. Since we were a mixed class, some of us was in green, some of us in white.

2nd Period (10:35-11:50)
We did barely nothing. Again, we had more C’est fou! activities. This time you had to solve enigmas. I suddenly fangirled when I knew we were going to solve riddles, because I’m a big Edward Nygma (The Riddler) from the Gotham series fan. I texted my friend “I’m gonna make him proud!” I didn’t. Couldn’t solve them, because I needed to read them, since I’m a visual person, but our teacher insisted on just saying them out loud. Also, guess who won? My teacher from my art class! We wouldn’t win anyway, because it’s the students that solve it, not the teachers. 
   There was two other activities where someone had to run and bring a green highlighter to a teacher waiting in his office and the other is the same teacher came in and gave us five seconds to answer what is the postal code of the school and if we got it, we’d get skittles. Our teacher almost got it, but forgot the rest of the numbers. I don’t like skittles anyway. I don’t like candy in general, other than chocolate.

Also, I finally finished my book questions. We have a test on it Thursday.

Lunch (11:50-12:50)
Sat with my closest friends. We talked about random things again. There was another activity : a spelling bee. Probably the best one ever. A guy went up with three other people and he won, then uses the win to do a promposal with a song in the background, forgot which. People were cheering, standing up and clapping, it was cute and it made me really happy.

3rd Period (12:50-14:05)
While waiting for the bell to ring, a student asked her friend “What would you do if someone asks you out to prom like the guy did, but you don’t want to go with him?” and the teacher who was eavesdropping (she’s a brutally honest person, it’s so funny), just said “Say no.” Then she explained that you should say “Sorry, but I’m not interested,” because if you say yes and then say no an hour later, until that hour, the person who asked would be very happy that they said yes, only to have their heart shattered when they say no later. I have to agree. It’s embarrassing for them, but at least you can be gentle about it instead of giving them false hope. It happened to me in the past, where someone said yes only to say no later and it’s one of the worse feeling.

Another C’est fou! activity : two people had to leave the class to do musical chairs in the cafeteria. We lost.

4th Period (14:15-15:30)
We had a substitute! Because of that, no one listened. I don’t think everyone was present, actually.
   I worked on my science while other activities were happening, such as a treasure hunt and trying to find a student council student at a statue of liberty? Or also find a statue of liberty, maybe? I didn’t hear right. We also had to go find a the teacher from earlier if you had a super hero related clothing item you were wearing at the moment. I was wearing my Doctor Who shirt, but I’m sure he was talking about Marvel or something. That teacher really likes his super heroes. He wore a Flash, Green Lantern and Captain America shirt so far. He probably wore more, but I don’t remember.

After School
Before leaving for my bus, Kohai gave me another present. It’s this adorable drawing with a poem. I love it to death. I hanged it up on my wall along with the Polaroid picture she made by making it in Photoshop or some other program like that. I also hanged up a couple of drawings I made with ink (the skeleton ones) and a Polaroid of my cat. The wall still looks empty, but it makes me happy whenever I look at it. It reminds me of how I love art, how I have such a good best friend and how I love my cat. I need to add a picture of my other cat and dog too.
   My brother and I had a conversation about language. He wants to learn Spanish and Hebrew, Arabic and other languages while I want to learn Spanish, Japanese and possibly Chinese. Chinese, because whenever I mention to my mom I want to go to Japan, she always says “Why not China? You have a far cousin there.” That cousin is related to my step grandfather. He is trying to be an Olympic swimmer, has been training since he was very young, I think.
   Gotta finish reading Harry Potter and then look up how to spin a sword. I want to look cool at Youth, haha. Except I have a wide and heavy sword, so I’m not sure if I can spin it. One of the tactics I plan on using is running towards someone, but then unexpectedly slide on the floor next to the person (I’d have my shoes off and be wearing socks) and then kneeling, so I’m kneel-sliding next to the person and using my sword to protect me (since it’s pretty wide) if they ever try to hit me, then I’d also angle it so it hits their leg or swing it when I’m behind them so it hits both of them or possibly their torso. I’m not sure how we’re going to be fighting exactly, or if we’re gonna have duels, but doing that would be pretty cool. Chances are I would fail horribly, though.

That’s all for today.

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  1. It would be really cool if you learned a new language! Since you already know how to speak French and English, you’d probably have a great advantage if you knew how to speak something else. And it’s so nice to hear that you had fun with your classmates!

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