FEB and March.

A lot of things happen in the month of february and march thats why i didnt write for two months ..

for the month of february 1st week we got this chalet for 4 days I did brought my netbook but im really fucking busy and im enjoying everyone’s company especially aidil and azraei im becoming one of the boys when i start knowing all my colleagues, my girl colleagues are just so corny and always talking nonsense they laugh for small jokes, like srsly small joke. the plate drop they laugh, other people laugh they laugh also. sometimes im wondering why im working there and why im still there unlike the two boys actually three cause my brother was there too. the rest of the month is just work work work overtime over time and over time if you all know all my colleagues are mostly chinese so they have to go back to their home town to celebrate chinese new year so i have to work 64 hrs a week for 3 weeks.

For the month of march ganesh parents went to india for 2 week so he want me to go out with him because hes damn free and the rest of the month i just get tired of his bullshit giving me so much heartache and i dont really feel like using phone or using netbook i just want to read and forget the world.

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