From the male half of this account *Steven Tyler PJ’s*

It’s the crazy male half of the journal. I have decided to cheat with my intro and copy from Seventeen Magazine. I found the article online to fill in the blanks for an about me.

My full name is  Ollie James (I am not posting my last name for the obvious internet reasons)

I was born on December 14, 1984 

My star sign is Sagittarius

My parents are Tina. I haven’t talked to my dad since I was 15.

I have 3 siblings.

I am currently I currently work as a  portrait/boudoir photographer.

What I like about job is I get to meet new people, take photos and do what I love.

What I dislike about my job is as a boudoir photographer half of it. I have people who have zero clue that I’m actually a gray asexual and really don’t have any sexual attraction to people other than my wife and they still try to flirt.

My home is in  the Chicago Loop and I have lived here for 31.

I love people who accept themselves as they are.

My favorite activities include parkour and playing CLASSIC video game and I love to do this because they’re both great escapes from reality.

My favorite color is green because it reminds me of grass.

My favorite meal involves pizza and my favorite snack food is pretzels

I consider myself to be healthy and fitness is important to me. This is due to factors such as doing parkour and being ovo-vegararian.

Changes to my lifestyle I would like to make include clean eating and yoga

I lose

I don’t need to change anything about my life or lifestyle because there’s really nothing to change.

The person who supports me the most is  my wife and in my life they have helped me to understand even if I was fully asexual that I am still a great person and worthy of love.

The best time of the day to me is  the afternoon because I am more awake then.

I like sunset the most because it’s beautiful.

I need to have a hug every day

I hope to hear Iron Maiden live one day.

I am frightened by the dark and this makes me feel like a wimp.

My favorite movie of all time is Son-in-Law

My greatest inspiration is my mom. The woman has been through hell and is still remaining positive.

My all-time role model is my mom because she left verbally and physically abusive father has graduated college, and has raised 4 children.


When I was little I remember that My dad hated me

I felt sad and unsafe

My childhood was generally negative and this is because of my dad.

My family is amazing  and this is because they just are.

The good times I remember were spending time with my grandma Claire.

The hard times I can remember include my dad calling his daughter’s little w*** and me protecting them. Which made me a wimp.

I always found school to be difficult and this is because I kept my home life secret.

The best teacher I ever had was my 2nd grade teacher because she liked video game and that made me realize that I was cool.

The worst teacher I ever had was my high school chemistry teacher because she was judgemental about the goth kids and that made me realize that I may be a little screwed up.

The music I like to listen to is metal because it sounds like something cool and makes me feel calmer.

I grew up thinking that men were supposed to be angry all the time.

I changed when I saw the way my friends dad was to his mom. He loved her and was very thoughtful and kind.

The first concert event I ever went to was Korn and I went with my friend Doug

I found the experience of being in a large crowd to be disorienting sometimes

The best holiday I ever had was Christmas/My Birthday 2014 when I went to Raging Buffalo Ski Park with my wife, and some friends and we went skiing, drank, and had hot cocoa

The best thing anyone has ever said to me is my wife telling me she wanted to marry me.

The worst thing anyone has ever said to me is my dad telling me I won’t amount to anything because I was nothing like him,

My first crush on someone was my 1st girlfriend Carmen because she was nice and pretty and it happened when we were hanging around school eating lunch.

The first time someone had a crush on me was when I was 14  and it felt gross because they started talking about sex and it turned out to be eye opening because I thought I had something wrong with me.

The most fun I ever had was when I got married because we had a Princess Bride inspire wedding.

In the past I have been hurt by my ex girl friend when she cheated on me because I wasn’t moving fast enough.

My most successful day was when I had to help deliver my daughter. We had home water birth with our doula, and midwife.

I am proud that I actually became a parent

I look back at my life and I feel that I been through hell, because I did

The greatest lesson I learned was that you can get a woman pregnant a few weeks after she had a baby and I learned it when I found out that my wife was pregnant the second time.

The wisest thing anyone ever told me was there’s no reason to be ashamed about who you are and it helped me to be more open about being gray-asexual.

The first time I was scared was when my dad was fighting with my mom.

The last time I went out was today. We went to our midwife appointment

The highlight of my school years was when I graduated.

The greatest risk I ever took was when I decided to date my wife.

The best result I ever got was when I found out my wife was pregnant with our daughter.

The worst thing that ever happened to me was when someone stole my pictures from my MySpace and VampireFreaks account and pretended to be.

The peak experience of my teen years was my mom moving away from my dad

The craziest thing that ever happened to me was realizing I actually had sexual attraction to my wife

The funniest thing that ever happened to me was trying to use my Focus Keys to open my apartment

The last thing I purchased was food from the store


In my thirties I hope to achieve  teaching my nephew parkour.

In my forties I hope to achieve being alive.

I would love to travel to Denmark because I am half Danish

I am looking forward to having another child

I am worried about my dad finding out he’s a grandfather

I am confident that my weekend will busy.

I feel uncertain of having our second home birth.

I know for sure that My wife is alseep


I love parkour

I am happy when I’m with my daughter and wife

I feel comfortable in my hoodie and a death metal t-shirt.

I need to change my playlist.

I think that teething babies are tough to deal with

I have an instinct about not trusting people

My dreams are to be a great father

It is important to be yourself

I am upset about people judging people about their parenting styles

I find these things like Old Rocko’s Modern Life funny

I find these things such as parents hating their children  devastating

I am joyful about my daughter
I am waiting until I finish my smoothie before I get something to eat.

I am in love with Katelyn because she’s smart and beautiful
I am grieving about thinking about my grandma
I am concerned that bad things can happen in our pregnancy
I am conflicted by my plans for tonight
I am confused that people are strange. I look at the trending stuff on Facebook and wonder why people care about Smashmouth
I am angry that I have to work tomorrow
I am sorry about drinking in my teenage years. Just to block out pain,
I am interested in zombies
I am thrilled by my wife’s strength
I would like to be practicing parkour
I would like to have a husky mix
I would like to change the way people feel about asexuality
I am scared that that this pregnancy will be tough
My most secret desire is to be a parkour instructor.
I like it when I’m cuddling with my wife and daughter.
I dislike it when my wife is sad
I love how my house smells like lactation cookies
I hate it when my hair ties break,
I have the strangest feeling that nobody will read this whole list
I find my daughter beautiful and it is because she’s mine
I think that I cannot sleep tonight. It’s the joy of parenting
I find homophobia  ugly as it is stupid.
I think this whole political stuff is silly because most politicians lie to get into office.
I think bigotry is tragic because nobody need to be hated for who they are.
What no one realizes about me is I have a some what low aesthetic attraction to people
I see my cat Sake staring at me
I find it easy to love my wife
I find it hard to not think about my past
I am at my best when Eden’s around
I can do anything I put my mind to
I am tired of my step father judging me.
I am excited by death metal music
I hope that this weekend will be warm and sunny
My destiny is confusing

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