its on Friday afternoon, alone in the office, at 16;09 of 8th April 2016, pondering about my discovery in one of the emails I’ve been evaluating. remember i told you that i’m a It specialist. apparently one of my colleague the guy i declared as good guy according to what i discovered on his computer. he is dating this girl who is a wild and smart than the guy.

i’m getting jealous of her because the guy deserves a god treatment and good wife

i’m telling you this because she cheated five times and told him(my colleague) he still love her after that. he is still putting notes down on his desktop computer the one i’m able to on earth your girl would cheat on you five times , you still have that love on her? is it possible? 

i’ve been a victim of being cheated on. i broke my heart i lost relationship due i couldnt see the respect from him

so do you think i can make a move on this guy (my colleague)?

i think me and him we have the same values hating being cheated on

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