Last Day of Spring Break

Yesterday we went for ice cream at a local mom and pop dairy queen.  Then we went back to the park and back home.  Flying the kite was fun until it broke loose and sailed far away out of sight.  Of course my eldest wanted to go buy a new one “right now.”  But he was cooperative when I told him “another day.”  He sometimes has meltdowns over small things like that.  It’s the autism, and he may be bi-polar as well.  He struggles with his moods.  God knows I love him.

4 thoughts on “Last Day of Spring Break”

  1. God bless you and your precious child.

    Did you ever notice that the world has Its own “special terms” for everything that is of a spiritual nature in the Bible?

    The world calls it “bi-polar.” The Bible calls it “doublemindedness,” which is a spiritual issue.

    The world calls it autism. The Bible calls it “hindering spirits.” “Autistic” children have trouble talking, socializing, and accepting change, yes? So does someone who is being hit with spiritual nasties.

    The world prescribes medication for such ailments. The Bible prescribes the Lord Jesus and the power of His Holy Spirit. I heard through the grapevine that option B is very VERY effective. Just saying.

    Remember that the devil has a low-grade counterfeit version of everything that you see in the Bible.

  2. Ah now I’m hungry for DQ! I’m doing overtime again and won’t be back in my hometown till about 8:30…so not tonight. Glad the last day of spring break went well. Now they go back to school and grandma gets some me time! 😉

  3. Thank you so much, Therealgoddessianna, and Hoosier53. Your words are so affirming. I needed that tonight! Blessings to you!
    Sister Chastity, thank you for your insight. Please pray for my boys. We have prayed everything we know to pray over them. They have prayed for help. So I would be grateful for your prayers—-maybe since you’re a Sister your prayers will have stronger effect. Thank you and bless you.

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