Little lies

I’m not sure why you lied about something so little and honestly stupid but you did lie. I am not impressed at all. We are “best friends” and It really makes me question so many things. How often do you lie? I think a lot. you have told me stories before and left out things until 3 or 4 months later then you fill in the blanks. Like for instance when you went from sleeping with Neil occasionally to never again after he was married ,but then to only once after he was married. We have kinda grown apart but this isn’t new to me. I tend to fall off over time with everyone once I get to know them after a few years. Part of me thinks you stitch little lies that are close to the truth but not exact because you want it to better suite the person or situation. BUT WHY?! so annoying. I want to call you out on it but its really not worth the energy and its so stupid its not worth the fight. of course if you look at the big picture its not like you or I are actually putting any energy into this friendship as of lately anyways so I will keep it in the back of my mind but that’s it.

4 thoughts on “Little lies”

  1. It’s to keep the flame going in a relationship 🙁 I know what it’s like to have your partner drift away and find out they did things and lied about it….then again I’ve been on the other end too…doing things I never should’ve Done and lying about it.

  2. i completely understand what you are saying and where you are coming from. I am not at all talking about my husband this post is about a friend of mine.

  3. you might be on to something there. That really could very well be the case. i’m not judgmental but i’m strong and opinionated especially when she allows people to walk all over her and maybe she doesn’t want me to see that she does still let people walk on her.

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