I took my first SAT practice test yesterday afternoon.

Granted, I took the old version, the one that is three hours and forty-five minutes long. I believe I became a few degrees more near-sighted just by taking it. But there are fifteen practice tests in my house, and next month I’m going to start practicing the newly-formatted SAT and the Physics SAT II Subject Test and maybe the Math SAT II, and this month I’m going to have to do at least five practice Chemistry SAT II Subject Tests, along with the SAT practice tests. I will take the PSAT literally right after I start school in Texas (I MUST get a good enough score to be considered for a National Merit Scholarship, or else I’ll have to take a lot of student loans) and I am planning on taking the SAT II Chinese Language Test with Listening in November, which is the only time it’s offered (I think; at least that’s what one of the websites I checked said), since I wish to become a Foreign Language Intrepreter/Translator in the future. Add all of these things to the panic I’m feeling over not being able to relate to anyone in my new high school, and…I honestly sometimes feel like I’m dying. Or going to die. Slowly dying.

Also, I’m probs going to have to take the ACT as well, and work really hard to pull my GPA up during my last two years of high school (the only years of high school that I’ll take in the US), and maybe find one or two part-time jobs/volunteer in different places so I can put more stuff on my college application. But I am in China right now and as you can imagine…all of this is STRESSING ME OUT because it’s GOING TO HAPPEN IN ANOTHER COUNTRY and I’M NOT THERE NOW.

So yeah. That’s what been going on in my life, aside from my trip to Henan to see my maternal relatives, which I’ll write about another day (or possibly never, seeing as I am spending hours and hours a day studying, like god, I don’t think I’ve ever studied THIS hard for a single test, ever–okay maybe I have, for math, because I like math, especially American math because it’s easier).

Oh yeah have I ever said that the math people learn in high school in the US is easier than high school math in China? No? Well, it is. By quite a lot. Seriously, the questions on the SAT are pretty easy–I am not bragging, honestly, they’re much easier than what I was learning during my months in Changsha, where my math grades plummeted into an abyss and just never resurfaced. I don’t know if it’s just because I’m better at understanding English than Chinese (except when it comes to Critical Reading things, when I read those, I panic and I just have no way to process any of the information–I suppose it’s because I read a lot, but am hugely illiterate at the same time) but learning things in English is almost always easier than learning things in Chinese for me. Except Chinese. Which…obviously. Reading English translations of Chinese things is so weird because it’s like “Oh I’ve read this in Chinese before, it doesn’t sound like this at all”.

But anyway. This is short but I haven’t written anything for days and days, and I feel hella guilty about it, so. Have a great Friday, finally the end of the week, and stay ~chill~

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  1. I know if seems important now, but the things you thought were super important at the time often don’t seem to have made that much of a difference years down the road… keep working towards your dreams though:) and good luck on the test!

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