Don’t know why

Today was the day I missed us. All because  of  a post on facebook about why sasuke used to poke his finger on sakura’s head. It reminded me of how you used to do the same and I used to get irritated with it. 

Just 2 months and you ruled my world man! 

I remember our useless chats having no meaning at all and now there is not even a ‘hi’ 

Nothing happened between us! Just the lies you said and all the transformating personalities of yours. Damn! 

I thought we could be very good friends.. However I always knew that there will soon come an end to our friendship too.. 

Today I miss you, but there is not a single tear in my eyes. I thought that post would remind you of us but it failed. 

I have lost many people who meant the world to me. Whom I thought to be with till the end…….. But they left! 

This time I left you because I promised myself to stay away from all the negative vibes. The most of them you gifted me! 

Today I wanna cry out loud, I wanna talk to you again, I wanna laugh on your stupidity again!

But… There is something which stops me everytime and that’s you! Your multiple personalities stops me from trusting you!! 

Either I have become used to all the hatred I got or I have become strong? 

Whatever it is! I hope you do well ahead! And one more thing you are not forgotten! 12931035_1036152523146770_2375495855428444630_n.png



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