Wish I could turn back time to the good old days…

I’ve been feeling so nostalgic these past days… Things are getting to difficult and I miss the old time when I was happy and I didn’t know that I was.

Last year my worries were “omg I wasn’t invited to this party, what’s wrong with me? Why can’t I be happy” and damn, i was so silly, and so happy. Things were so much easier in my personal life. 

I’m feeling SO stressed out, everything pisses me off!!! I see that people complains a lot for things that are not worth it. I hate social media so much, I hate that everybody would give their lives for Kyle Jenner, like wtf? Fuck her! Fuck the media, fuck it off! I hate that boys only likes girl with big booty an boobs, I mean I DONT FUCKING WANT to show you my boobs, I don’t fucking want to hook up with you just for you to touch it! I have stretch marks on it and i fucking hate myself for that, and if I show u, u may not like me back so fuck you either… I’m so stressed that I’ve met a really nice guy and we were talking and I wanted him to be my FRIEND! Because I need a friend, but the only thing he wants is to do “dirty” things and I don’t fucking want to do it! I just want somebody to talk to as to tell me the things will be all right.

I wish it was 2012, my life was awesome! Or even in 2013 tat was one of the best years of m life! I don’t understand why things got this way… I’m so damn sad today, I don’t want to go to the parties this weekend but I don’t want to tell my friends why I don’t want to go, because they wouldn’t understand.

I HATE the Brazilian government with ALL MY HEART! They just fucked my family, they stole all our money and I hate it.


School makes me so stressed!all I do in my life is to study, and I still don’t get the grades that I wanted.

As I said I was super stressed when I started to write this but my mom just came and talked to me and I realized how lucky I’m or having such great parents that are here with me for everything. I’m doing everything I can and I hope things get better

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